I believe our world needs a sanctuary for parents and family members of people with disabilities, and for those who want to know more about our lives. This site is an oasis in a world that is learning a little at a time about those like us and the amazing people we love.

I offer insights gathered in more than twenty years as father to both a beautiful daughter with multiple disabilities and a wonderful son with all the potential life holds, together with decades as a leader in a mission-based organization. There have been times when life has taught me about work, and others when work has taught me about life. It’s a different way to think about the work-life balance.

As an introvert by nature, for many years I kept my home experiences inside. Then one day I was invited to share with friends and colleagues across my company. I called my talk Things My Daughter Taught Me. Despite having spoken about business many times before groups large and small, I found it daunting to talk about my family life, infused these many years by the exceptional child we’re raising. And yet hundreds of people listened for an hour, with many more watching a recording afterward. I was truly humbled and deeply grateful.

I became inspired to share more of what my daughter taught me. And so this site was born.

I know many others out there have experienced the boundless love of special people like Gabriella – each situation unique and yet sharing surprising similarities – whether as parents, siblings or family, as committed teachers or therapists or medical practitioners, as volunteers, students or friends. I invite you along on this incredible journey, and to tell others you think might benefit.

In our world today, time is precious. Thank you for every moment you devote to Things My Daughter Taught Me.